Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The long way home.

 At the moment I live in Arizona USA. I don't feel that there is anything remarkable about me. I've been married for 30 years to one man and have 3 children. However if you start to converse with me, one thing that would stand out about me is that if I tell you where my life began, where I am now and the remarkable chances I've had to live, travel and work all over the world that is how I am a little different from most people. I was born in Bangladesh and at the age of 6 I moved to England with my family. After growing up and being educated in Manchester United Kingdom I married a man from Yorkshire.
 Unexpectedly within a year of my marriage I moved to the USA where I lived for almost 20 years.

Lanterns in Hong Kong
Then because of my husband's work in IT for a large international corporation I had the privilege of living in the USA, Germany, South Korea, England and then back in the USA.
In this blog I hope to tell you about my experiences as an immigrant of two countries, an Expat wife in Europe, a "Weiguk Saram" in South Korea and my travels across 3 continents.
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Harbour
All the views expressed in this blog are mine and any likeness to anyone or any event is purely coincidental.

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